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As you can see from the list on the right, I’ve got ALOT of alts on many different servers, though I’ve found that I stay away from RP servers and most PVP servers.  And I commit the cardinal sin of playing both Alliance and Horde!  *grins*

Well, managing those alts, devoting enough time to playing each one and giving them the attention that they all deserve is a Herculean task at times, especially given that I’m the (currently) single mother of a small, extremely inquisitive child and have a multigenerational household.

But there is assistance!  There are addons, websites, guides, blogs… the list goes on and on.  But winnowing that mass of information and links down can be extremely intimidating.  Also to the left are some of the more popular and class/role-specific websites.  In the next few days and weeks, I’ll be talking about addons, other blogs, websites and why I prefer them.  Each category will be given it’s own page and category – addons, class-specific sites, loot sites…

How do you all manage your alts?

4 Responses

  1. I was using the titan panel UI addon, until the most recent patch. It was helpful to see how much gold everyone had. Aside from that, I have a post-it on my monitor showing professions/what they are holding/etc. I’m not very high-tech yet, as you can see haha.


  2. *grins*

    I used to use Titan Panel for just that reason. But when BC came out, it was broken for a bit and I made the switch over to the Fubar panel, which has (to me) more flexibility and more modules available.

    But when I first started to play WoW, several months after release, I had a notebook that I kept next to the computer that kept all my notes and thoughts. I look back at it now, at the first entry which notates the mage spell rotation that someone gave me in game – “Frostbolt -> Fireball -> Fireball -> Frost Nova -> back up, wand for mana -> Fireball -> Fireblast” – and I have to grin.

  3. Which Fubar mods do you use?

  4. FuBar – MoneyFu, HonorFu, QuestFu, most of the included ones.

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