Friends and Family

One thing that I hear alot is “I’m on this server because so-and-so that I know/am related to plays here” when asking why someone rolled on a particular server. I know that personally, I have a bias to servers with people that I know.


Unless I’m trying to escape!

Currently, both my father, my brother, my brother in law (to be), my husband (to be), my daughter (at FOUR!), my sorta sister in law and her husband, my sorta brother in law and most of my friends play WoW and are all scattered on different realms. What this means is that I have alot of alts on different realms and have to find ways to make sure that no one feels neglected – for example, if I play on a Friday, you’ll most often find me playing Darini on Kel’Thuzad with my friend Sara. On days that I get the chance to raid, you’ll find me playing Tenaya on Azuremyst with my Guild there, The Prophecy. Otherwise, I tend to play alts on assorted servers. Sammanra (on Zangarmarsh) is a completely new character on a server where I know no one – she’s an escape character. *grins*

How do family and friends impact YOUR playing style?

One type of server that I’ve never played on are RP servers – I don’t know anyone who plays consistently on RP servers. I’ve given it thought though and might reroll on one just to see what it’s like. Any suggestions for servers/factions?


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  1. You need to play on Fridays more 😛

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