Wrath of the Lich King and Altoholics

There’s quite a bit of news out of the beta and only some of it is good for altoholics like myself.  I cannot cover all of the news, but I will cover the bits and pieces that interest me particularly.  This is full of spoilers for Wrath of the Lich King, so please be aware.

The good?

  • Enchanters will now be able to enchant their own alts via inscription.  In short, inscription allows the making of a special paper that can be imbued with the armor or weapon enchant by the enchanter which will then be consumed in the process of applying that enchantment to weapon or armor.  Of course, making the weapon enchant paper is quite a higher skill level in Inscription.
  • Enchanters will also be able to sell their enchants using the same process.  No more of the ‘let’s meet up, do you have mats….’, it will be COD.  It also means that enchanters will be able to charge a stable price for enchants and possibly stabilize the price of mats – people can make money farming them, but rather than the end consumer (the enchantee) purchasing them, the enchanter will purchase them and charge a final price, which is usually more friendly to the end consumer (at least on my server).
  • Blacksmiths will be able to add sockets to items using things like belt buckles (and the current report is that these sockets stack with enchantments).  Can I just say “AWESOME” to this?
  • Death Knights are reportedly incredibly fun to play – I am reserving judgement until I can actually play one.
  • Tailors are getting some love with a profession-specific mount – A FLYING CARPET.
  • Glyphs!  Glyphs are a new system to allow players to customize spells, abilities/talents.  The Glyph of the Penguin allows a Mage’s Polymorph to polymorph into a baby penguin as opposed to a sheep/turtle/pig.  There are six Glyphs (with a potential seventh), two each Major, Minor and Lesser.  Some glyphs increase damage, some glyphs increase buff affects, some glyphs increase range.

The Bad?

  • Experience tables have been extended, taking more to level.  At last night’s report, it was almost 80% more per level to make that level.
  • The spell-power/+healing and spell-power/+spell-damage ratios are NOT equal.  At current, it seems that the spell-power/+healing is 1:2 and the spell-power/+spell-damage is almost 1:1.  This is going to make using armory to judge healers a little difficult for a while and making a party VERY difficult.
  • They’ve apparently removed Potion Sickness but not Tinnitus from the beta, making a great many raiders who took leatherworking solely to be able to produce Drums (and keep an overlapping set of buffs on the raid) VERY sorry.
  • As a consequence of the above, a goodly number of leatherworkers will be re-skilling a different profession.  Meaning a sharp rise in AH prices for lower level goods for almost all professions.
  • WIth the little information about inscription out there, people are beginning to speculate on herbs. *raises hand*  Myself included.

Why are these good and bad?

Well, the good ones stand a heavy chance of lowering or stabilizing AH prices and indicate a growing knowledge by Blizzard of where some areas needed improvement – like the enchanter having no way to enchant their alts gear.  They also allow further character customization after the initial character creation, which hasn’t been possible before now – not to mention the proposed-but-not-completely-implemented dance studios and barbershops.  I’m quite excited by the ability to customize my characters and the only thing that I could wish for would be dyeable armor so no more clown look while leveling.

And the bad ones are the ones that will make AH prices rise and will cause mass confusion when the expansion is released.  The conversion to spellpower alone will cause major issues – “LFG: Priest w/1k+heal” now means almost any buffed priest at end game will fit the bill.  “LFG: Priest w/1k+heal” after Wrath (if the conversion remains the same) will be looking for T4+ Priests.  This kind of confusion will settle after a bit, of course, it always does.

What are you excited about or worried about with Wrath of the Lich King?


4 Responses

  1. That’s great news as I plan to level Inscription on my DK and as many of my friends on my list are enchanters, I should be experiencing a lot of business 🙂

    Experience wise I expect 70-80 to take at least 1.5x or even 2x as long to level as 60-70. I hope this only applies to 70+ while the will lower 60-70 a bit to help us DKs :p

    It’s really a shame about the drums debuff as for most including myself it was the main reason they levelled LW 😦 But my new main will have Inscription and Herbalism, which comes with the nice new buff when you pick certain herbs!

  2. Oh, I just saw your character list. How many accounts do you have? 😀

  3. *blush*
    *hangs head*

    Well, I personally pay for one. Another was gifted to me and my daughter (who’s FOUR! and has a level 5 Gnome Rogue. She thinks that playing with Mama on Saturday mornings is better than cartoons) was given an account for Christmas…. So under my personal control, there are three. The other two WoW players in the house each have their own account, bringing the household total to five accounts.

    My character list here doesn’t include about half of my characters simply for the fact that some characters are just raiding characters and now knowing how this site was going to be publicized or how active it would be, I didn’t want to have to ignore /w during raids. And other characters are what I call ‘escape toons’.

  4. I know what you mean by ‘escape toons’. I just got back from vacation and don’t feel like jumping into T6 raiding again because it’s so boring. So I haven’t logged on my Resto Shaman yet and instead ‘hiding’ on my Level 47 Gnome Mage :p

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