Little Known Quests

After leveling a few characters, most players begin to be able to streamline the leveling process either by grouping quests or going after the higher reward ones. But one of the joys of the game, for me at least, is doing the lesser known or ‘hidden’ quests.

As I was freeing Princess Poohbah today with Chemi, it started me thinking about all the little quests that I do on a regular basis on my alts – either because they are fun (Cluck!), they add something personal to the game (The Black Shield – which is heart-breaking on either faction) or because of the nifty reward that you might not see otherwise (Captain Sanders Hidden Treasure).

For a complete list of these kinds of quests, visit this thread on the WoW Forums. I was lucky enough to be pointed to it by a friend a while back and I’ve taken the opportunity on my main to go back and do almost all the available ones and am now attempting to complete the Horde side ones.

What kinds of quests do you consider little-known or complete for these reasons?