Money, Money, Money…

“… it’s a rich man’s world!” – ABBA

It’s a very true statement in WoW. Without Gold, as more people progress to end-game content and stop rolling alts, the economy on a WoW server can become unbalanced. The introduction of Dailies and the easy Gold they brought to characters made an large impact by allowing a minor economical reset as more characters were able to purchase more of the previously out of reach gear/items.

However, that can lead to another problem. With the introduction of Inscription (the new profession being introduced with Wrath of the Lich King), the price of herbs and mid level items such as level 45-60 green armor/weapons (to disenchant) have already begun to skyrocket as people begin to collect and store herbs (used in making ink for Inscription) and enchanting mats in anticipation. This echoes a similar situation before Burning Crusade came out and people were collecting ore and gems in anticipation of Jewelcrafting.

So how do you as a player deal with the economical upset? The short answer is that I don’t know, I can only offer my own experience. I’ve rolled and leveled alts to avoid it – I have an herbalist, an alchemist, a tailor and so on. I’ve created a Guild solely populated by my alts and family to store mats for Inscription in the Guild Bank. I do dailies for the cash and buy from both the faction and neutral Auction Houses.

What’s it like on your server and how are you dealing with it?


Friends and Family

One thing that I hear alot is “I’m on this server because so-and-so that I know/am related to plays here” when asking why someone rolled on a particular server. I know that personally, I have a bias to servers with people that I know.


Unless I’m trying to escape!

Currently, both my father, my brother, my brother in law (to be), my husband (to be), my daughter (at FOUR!), my sorta sister in law and her husband, my sorta brother in law and most of my friends play WoW and are all scattered on different realms. What this means is that I have alot of alts on different realms and have to find ways to make sure that no one feels neglected – for example, if I play on a Friday, you’ll most often find me playing Darini on Kel’Thuzad with my friend Sara. On days that I get the chance to raid, you’ll find me playing Tenaya on Azuremyst with my Guild there, The Prophecy. Otherwise, I tend to play alts on assorted servers. Sammanra (on Zangarmarsh) is a completely new character on a server where I know no one – she’s an escape character. *grins*

How do family and friends impact YOUR playing style?

One type of server that I’ve never played on are RP servers – I don’t know anyone who plays consistently on RP servers. I’ve given it thought though and might reroll on one just to see what it’s like. Any suggestions for servers/factions?

Altoholic, Altitis, Altism…

To me, having too many alts indicates a passion for the game, just as having multiple level seventy characters does.  But it does beg an answer to the question of why people make alts.

For me, the answer is pretty simple – I make alts when I’m frustrated with something on one of my main characters or when I need something relatively mindless and easy that ISN’T farming.  *laughs*  Most of the time, I even hop to a new server just to check it out.  Since I’ve leveled at least one of each of the class/race combinations to at least Level 10, I know the starting zones and quests very well.

And I do have rules for Alt creation – I don’t send Gold to an alt until that alt has dinged Level 20, I don’t send mats or do enchants until Level 35 and finally, I delete the alt if it’s been more than four months since I’ve played him/her unless the alt was created for a specific purpose (to play with a specific friend or serves as a name holder for a future character).


I also find that when I hit the late teens or early twenties of leveling, I get bored and go back to whichever main I was originally frustrated with.    Currently, I’ve been unable to raid on my raiding main, a Level 70 Gnome Mage due to having multiple raiding players in the same house and a lack of care for both the elderly and the young during the nightly raids.  So creating alts that I can leave at anytime for any reason (if my daughter wakes up with a nightmare or my grandmother is wandering about), is a way for me to deal with that frustration.

Now, as far as server hopping goes, I enjoy checking out each server, their economies and the general progression on the server.  For example – Kilrogg-A is fairly end-game oriented with few to no pieces of low-level gear on the auction house and what little is there is insanely expensive.  Kilrogg-H isn’t quite as bad – more low-level gear but the prices fluctuate more.  All this while Azuremyst-A is nicely progressed, not quite as end-game oriented and is fairly inundated with low-level gear but when you reach the mid-late forties and above, the price of gear jumps almost exponentially.

What are your experiences with alts or new servers?