Add-On: Altoholic

Altoholic is is an Add-on which allows you to see information on your alts, such as bag space, known recipes, bank space, even their gear, most over multiple realms and cross-faction.

The main feature of the addon is the search functionality which allows users to search their alts’ bags or loot tables in an Auction-House-like frame (see screenshots). All this with multiple-realms support

Here are the authors list of features as listed on its entry page on <a href=””>Curse</a&gt;.

– Account-wide data summary:

  • Characters’ talents: only a summary, not a full build, I may implement this later on if there’s demand.
  • Money, /played, rest xp for each character, subtotals by realm, and grand totals for the account.
  • Bag usage: see at a glance which characters should get bigger bags (bag size, free slots and types included)
  • Characters’ skills: skill summary on one screen, namely the 2 main professions + the 3 secondary skills as well as riding. I may add more if there’s demand.
  • Reputations: a list of all the reputations of the current realm’s characters. You can see at a glance if all your alts are at least honored with Honor Hold if you want to get the new 2.4 blue PVP set. Suggestions on how to gring reputations will be available soon.

– View containers (bags, bank, keyring) of all alts, on all realms.

– Guild banks : You have 10 alts in 10 different guilds on the same server, all of them with access to a guild bank ? Not a problem, you can see them all here. Multiple realms supported.

– E-mail: allows you to see which alts have mail without having to reconnect them. The addon will tell you when mail is about to expire on a character. Threshold configurable (up to 15 days). Multiple realm support as well. Mails sent to a known alt (one you’ve logged on at least once) will be visible in the addon.

– Equipment: See the equipment of the current realm’s alts in one screen. Very useful when purchasing stuff for your alts at the AH. Multiple realms supported. Right-clicking any equipment piece will allow you to find an upgrade, this feature is similar to the official wow armory feature, and is quite performant, even though it doesn’t match the accuracy of the official one.

– Options: the option screen is still a bit minimal, I’ll add more options along the way depending on user requests.

– Search: the most important feature of the addon, it uses an AH-like frame to display search results. You can either search bags on the current realm, on all realms, or a loot table. The loot table is a table based on AtlasLoot 4.04 which contains only item id’s, and therefore keeps memory usage minimal. As an indicator, with 10 alts (+bank) + guild bank + loot table, the addon only takes 2.3 mb of memory. The addon has gained weight since the integration of some libraries, but this will ensure support for multiple languages in the future. I expect to support deDE soon.

The Search menu allows you to find items based on their name (even partial), level, type or rarity, almost like at the AH.

As of 2.4.010, it is also possible to search known recipes.

– Quest Log: See the quest logs of all your alts, as well as an indication of which alts are on a specific quest.

– Suggestions: Currently, only profession leveling suggestions are available when mousing over your current level in a specific profession. Suggestions are based on the leveling guides posted on the official US forums (credit goes to their respective authors). The addon also suggests you where to quest/grind xp depending on your character level.

Suggestions were also added for the most recent factions. More to come later.

– Auction house: You can see which auctions/bids you’ve placed with an alt without being logged in or being at the AH.

– Professions: You can browse all known recipes in a Thottbot like frame (see screenshot).

So now that you’ve skimmed the list of features, let me tell you how I use Altoholic.

Altoholic Summary Screen

Altoholic Summary Screen

With as many alts as I have and as much chaos as there is in life, I’m always forgetting which alt needs mats for what profession or I want to see if something sold in the Auction House.  I also use the account summary screen (see the above image) to tell me when a particular alt might need some play time – if they’re substantially undergeared or have an extraordinary amount of rested Exp that they could burn.  On another account (with a raiding endgame Holy Priest, an endgame Enhancement Shaman and an endgame Combat Rogue), I use Altoholic to help me manage crafting upgrades or see what mat I need to farm.