Content Patch, Ahoy!

So, according to a blue post, we’ll be getting a content patch “soon“.

It will contain the following…

  • New class spells and talents
  • Stormwind Harbor Barbershops in capital cities
  • Zeppelin towers outside of Orgrimmar and Tirisfal Glades
  • Two brand-new Arenas featuring challenging new layouts, terrain hazards, and moving obstacles
  • Guild calendar
  • Hunter pet skill revamp
  • New profession: Inscription

And we’ll be able to level inscription to 375 without having to purchase WotLK.

What does this mean for us altoholics?

LOTS of change coming.

If Blizzard stays true to pattern, we’ll get a free talent respec when they release the new talents. Not only is that interesting in and of itself, it also lays the ground work for the new talents coming in WotLK – i.e. mages respec’ing for a Living Bomb build (which personally, holds little to no attraction for me as a Deep Pyro mage). I can definitely say that my Beast Mastery Hunter will respec back into Beast Mastery, but I am really looking forward to seeing how the new Pet skill revamp is going to work in conjuction with a capped Hunter at 70 vs. a capped Hunter at 80.

The big news for me right now is being able to level Inscription before WotLK. With BC, players could purchase or find Jewelcrafting designs before BC came out (after the content patch), but there was nothing to work with as far as mats or trainers went. And as Jewelcrafting was part of the BC expansion, vanilla WoW players couldn’t take it as a profession, which locked a portion of the player base out. If I read Eyonix’s post correctly, vanilla WoW players are still locked out of Inscription, but any BC validated account can take Inscription as one of their professions as trainers will be available in ‘major cities’.

As soon as full patch notes are available, I will post them. I am still hoping for a beta key, in order to level Inscription and be able to provide more information about the coming changes and what they mean for altoholics.

Next Post will be one that I’ve been working on for a while – “Altoholics and a Death Knight”.